Digital radius gauge

– PrimeARC MES 130MT model

Device for direct reading of the measured radius. Based on the needle deflection of the dial indicator, it calculates and displays the result in real time. It can be used to measure bent sheets, pipes, profiles. It serves as a quality control tool and an aid for operators of metal forming machines.

Thanks to the modular design and functionality of the sensor, it is possible to apply it to three different measuring bridges. The device is delivered in a reinforced, damage-resistant aluminum case.

The PrimeARC MES 130MT radius gauge is part of the equipment of the PrimeArc 50 three-roller bending machine. It is also available separately as individual order.

Product features:

  • Measurement of internal and external radii,
  • Rotating screen for more convenient reading of results,
  • Result resolution 1mm,
  • Minimum radius 90mm,
  • Standard measuring bridge 130mm (any spacing possible),
  • Selection of mm/inch units,
  • Lock function against accidental deletion of patterns,
  • Sensor pitch 50.8mm,
  • Sensor reading accuracy 0.006mm,
  • IP42 protection class,
  • CE declaration.