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From design to realization

The Primetec company was established as the result of many years of experience of its founders in the metalworking industry regarding the selection, sale and service of machines at Technologie Formowania Metali Sp. z o. o.

At the beginning, the Primetec was a dedicated supplier of high-quality tools for mandrel, mandrelless and three-roller bending machines. Designing and then manufacturing of tooling systems for bending machines for pipes or profiles is still a key item of our offer, but it has been extended with new proposals.

Among them is a prototype of a three-roll bending machine designed and made by us – the PrimeArc 50CNC model. The machine, entirely manufactured in Poland, is a competitive system in every respect to those present on the market.

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Tooling systems for bending machines


Rolls are dedicated to achieve arches and spirals on pyramidal profile bending machines. Type of material used to make rolls depends on parameters.


Complete sets of tools as well as separate elements such as bend dies, clamp dies, formy gnące, pressure dies, mandrels, wiper dies and collet chucks. 


Such molds are used in non-mandrel bending machines and consist of bending die, counterformer or set of rolls and clamping ring. 

Profile bending machine PrimeArc CNC

Based on many years of experience, we decided to design and build a series of NC and CNC-controlled three-roller bending machines, which final product is the presented PrimeARC 50 machine.

This is the first machine from the series of three-roller bending machines designed and manufactured entirely by our team of engineers. It can form material of various shapes: thin- and thick-walled pipes, flat bars, rods as well as open and closed profiles. By forming the material with the use of this machines we can achieve various shapes of produced elements: arcs, circles or spirals with irregular and variable radii.



Digital radius gauge
– PrimeArcmes 130MT model

Device for direct reading of the measured radius. Based on the needle deflection of the dial indicator, it calculates and displays the result in real time. It can be used to measure bent sheets, pipes, profiles. It serves as a quality control tool and an aid for operators of metal forming machines.


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