Profile bending machine

We design and build highly advanced profile bending machines with CNC control. In terms of machine design, mechanical parts and hydraulic components, we rely on local and domestic suppliers, while control and automation elements are provided by global industry leaders. Thanks to this, we can present a machine Made in Poland with the features and capabilities of the world’s best manufacturers.

The range of profile bending machines of our production includes models:

  • PrimeARC 50 CNC with an upper pressure roller and a shaft diameter of 50mm,
  • PrimeARC 40 CNC with lower forming rollers and a shaft diameter of 40mm.

We are successively expanding the range of bending machines. Design and assembly work on the next model – PrimeARC 60 CNC (with two lower forming rollers with and a shaft diameter of 60mm) – is underway.

Profile bending machine

– PrimeARC CNC models

The bending machine is designed for forming metal materials of various cross-sections into regular and irregular shapes of arcs and straight sections. Forming is done by moving the material between the rollers with simultaneous pressure of the forming roller, which position determines the obtained bending radius.

The machine is dedicated to forming material of various shapes: thin- and thick-walled pipes, flat bars, rods as well as open and closed profiles. By forming the material, we can achieve various shapes of produced elements: arcs, circles or spirals with irregular and variable radii.


Machine structure

The structure of the presented machine allows you to work in a vertical and horizontal position, depending on the user’s preferences. Feeding of the material is carried out by an electric motor with a reducer and a set of gears in order to distribute the power feed to all rollers. The system is equipped with an inverter that allows you to change the engine speed and, consequently, the feed speed f the material. In addition, the upper roller drive system uses a clutch to compensate the rotational speed of the rollers.

The 100% of structure of the machine was designed and made in Poland in accordance with applicable EU safety standards and regulations, which is confirmed by the CE declaration of conformity attached to the machine.

Control of the bending machine

The machine functions and operations are controlled from a mobile desktop with foot pedals responsible for the direction of material movement in manual mode, buttons on the control desk and a touchscreen operator panel with built-in memory that allows you to save programs and machine operating parameters.

Navigation of the individual panel functions is intuitive and simple. The basic functionality is provided by the manual mode and the buttons for the movement of the forming rolls. The main function and the greatest advantage of the software is the automatic mode that allows you to repeat the previously saved sequence of movements of both axes. This mode enables the repetitive execution of geometrically complex shapes with the operator’s participation limited to loading the material and extracting the finished element.


Profile bending machines offer: